Projects Overview


The Bullens Heimann & Friends Foundation has currently selected two engagements:

  • International: Education for Kids, a project to support the youngest children in need to enable them to go to school and build their future.

  • Ethiopia: the ICT Information & Communication Technologies project with an economical focus which supports the education of children and young people in need. 


Education for Kids, International

There are an estimated 100 million children living in the streets in the world today. (UNICEF, 2010). Different countries, different political environments and circumstances each create harsh, tough realities. These children deserve something much better.


Rainbows4Children, Ethiopia

Rainbows4Children, an independent Swiss Foundation, has since 2005 improved the lives of more than 1’600 children at the Nicholas Robinson School in North Ethiopia. The newly initiated vocational project objective is to allow the disadvantaged children or those with disabilities to obtain a first rating training in ICT Information and Communication Technology.