Our Story


LET us share the abundance of love we found in our hearts and souls.


The Bullens Heimann & Friends Foundation is charitable by nature and was established in April 2017 by Nicole & Han Bullens Heimann in the Canton of Zug under the supervision of Confederation of Switzerland. The Board of the Foundation totals nine members including the two founders.

In April 2017, we, Nicole & Han Bullens Heimann, established the Bullens Heimann & Friends Foundation. In essence, our foundation is an expression of love, and gratefulness by giving back and share part of the blessings we received during our lives.

We both had been individually donating to projects in the past. As a couple, we got inspired to start a foundation because our joint efforts allow us to take contributions to another level. 

We believe that in life, it is not about what you get, it is about what you give that lays the foundation for happiness. 

With our marriage, we united also our families and are blessed parents and stepparents to our seven children. 

At our wedding, the eldest of the seven said: “in our family, we don’t do half things, we don’t do half-brothers and half- sisters. We are brothers and sisters.” 

Here we are, the family united in the board of our foundation – as citizens of the world – to explore where we can give, support, empower others less fortunate than we are. Our two minor children are represented by wonderful persons who were willing to be their godmother and godfather. 

Knowing that our children will carry on our foundation for the next generations, gives us a tremendous sense of purpose and meaning.