Our Mission

Together, we change the world by empowering younger generations through education. 


The Bullens Heimann & Friends Foundation, both nationally and internationally, pursues solely charitable aims which, through educating younger generations in need, empower them to strengthen local, social, economic, cultural and ecological societal structures. 

Within the framework of this purpose, the foundation specifically pursues projects with the following aims:

  • Socially: the support of projects which bring more solidarity and love into society.

  • Economically: the promotion of projects which support the education of children and young people in need.

  • Culturally: the promotion of cultural diversity through training and projects in art, music and science and their implementation, delivery and dissemination.
  • Ecologically: the promotion of training and projects regarding the conservation of natural landscapes and biological diversity.

  • Counselling and assistance for the benefit of people, projects or institutions pursuing the same or similar aims as Bullens Heimann & Friends Foundation. 


The foundation is charitable by nature and operates on a strictly non-profit basis.