Our Ethics


Our foundation is committed to be responsible, transparent and accountable.


We fulfill our mission with personal and professional integrity. We operate a policy of equal opportunity regardless of gender, religion or politics.


We recognize the importance of collaborating with other foundations to build joint, diverse programs and to leverage our funding. We select high-quality entrepreneurial intiatives that pursue the philantropic goals of our foundation.

The projects we select are based on:

  • a clear business plan

  • their long term potential of leaving a legacy

  • great collaborations through supportive, collegial relationships


The work, time and travel expenses of our individual board members is completely voluntary and unpaid. Our board members do not receive any monetary compensation for their work.

Being a sustainable organization, the foundation limits its overheads to the costs of administration and fundraising.


As a donor, you will receive our Annual Report including an overview of our activities. We guarantee that all donations will be attributed to charity projects.