Rainbows4Children, Ethiopia 


The ICT Center – Project overview

The project objective is to enable disadvantaged children and children with disabilities to contribute to the development and maintenance of the ICT infrastructure in Tigray, Ethiopia by allowing them to obtain a first rate training in information and communication technology. The goal is to establish the Nicolas ICT Training Center and to train a minimum of 50 youth per year.

Rainbows4Children has decided to expand its focus to include those students and young adults who cannot go to University and whose skills are well suited to vocational and technical careers. These young people will be given the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills they will need to enter the workplace.


The Ethiopian government has made the development of ICT, information and communication technology one of its strategic priorities and it recognizes ICT as the key driver for transforming Ethiopia’s subsistence-agriculture economy into an information and knowledge- based society integrated into the global economy.

The Nicolas ICT Center will be based on the Nicolas Robinson School site and will provide equal opportunity to 16-18 year old girls and boys, especially for those with physical disabilities. 

A short history of Rainbows4Children

Rainbow4Children’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty by giving children of the poorest families in Ethiopia access to top quality education. Its focus is to educate disadvantaged children mainly of disabled veterans of the civil war (1974 to 1991).

Mekele was selected as the location for the school because this region has thousands of adults with disabilities. Rainbow4Cildren is partnering with the Tigray Disabled Veterans’ Association.

In 2004 Rainbows4Children started the construction of the Nicolas Robinson School and has build step-by-step the kindergarten, primary school and finally the secondary school totalizing a capacity of 1’240 students. By the end of 2017 all essential building work has been completed.